America, at her most beautiful, can be found in her natural beauty: the misting fog of her rivers, the roll of her mountains, the laps of the waves end, and the expanse of her prairied and desert skys. & Haiku, like traditional haiku for the past millenium, is a surrender to such truths.

On here you'll find multiple collections.

The "She" Collection

The "She" collection started with "Goodbye" the summer after September 11th, 2001 as I awoke next to a frightened women. As the years past, it became more of a metaphor for the World Trade Center. After posting it on this ongoing collection of poems and haiku, "She" became a metaphor for nature.

The Baltimore Collection

Then Baltimore Collection starts at the beginning and ends August 25, 2012 with "Leaving Baltimore." The current collection is being written out of the Catskill Mountains, specifically based out of Binghamton, NY.

Renga Collection

Commonly you will find a hiaku by Marc Edwards, but every once in a while there will be a Renga. According to William J. Higginson & Penny Harter in their book, The Haiku Handbook:
renga(linked poem) A poem of alternating stanzas of nominally five-seven-five and seven-seven onji, usually composed by two or more poets, and developing texture by shifting among several traditional topics without narrative progression. Typical renga run to 36, 50, 100, 1000 or more stanzas. (p.293)

This is written in the spirit of hiaku and in the spirit of renga. This is not for the haiku purest. The idea is to play off each other in a spirit of art, poetry, haiku, and renga.

    Started on November 12: "Colder"
    Renga by Marc Edwards (host) and guest Ryan Dupre.

If you are an artist, designer, poet, or some other creative and would like to be part of an upcoming renga, email me at